Terminal services

  • receiving and sending of full and empty containers at the terminal 
  • storage containers loaded and generated
  • organization of road transport loaded and empty containers on the territory of Russia 
  • organization of the railway shipment loaded and empty containers on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries, including the payment of railway fare and provide a platform for the transport 
  • also we can work with different kinds of goods (long measures, heavyweights, complex structures) and types of containers of various sizes (flatrack - containers, open top - container, tank - containers, refrigerated containers can be connected to the mains).


TSW Services

  • placing the container on the TSW
  • storage the container on the TSW
  • customs storage records
  • range of services during the customs inspection, including loading and unloading, sorting and rendering load mechanically and manually
  • weighed and an X-ray television control goods under the customs control